Napoleonnic started a couple of years ago as a strictly culture-related blog on French art, cinema, and music. For the past year, it has drifted its focus towards lifestyle-ish topics; you'll find musings, cooking, audiovisual media, feminism, politics, and personal stories.

Its goal is to inspire, educate, document, and share in an honest and authentic way that does not exclude anyone from the conversation while celebrating intelligence, curiosity, and the little things-- everyday. We hope that you'll be inspired to cook something different, read a new book, feel empowered, learn something from us, and teach us something.  Welcome!


Diana Galban was born in Cuba and grew up in Miami. In 2015, she moved to Paris where she is currently doing research as a graduate student at the Sorbonne in Paris on Media and Cultural Communication. Her research topics include cultural and gender representation in contemporary American media, among others. Diana has been a freelance writer for many years and continues to contribute to online and paper publications back in the United States. She has worked on television as a programming assistant and project manager, and later in diplomacy and communication. 

Her cat, Jean-Luc, sunbathes in warm Miami. 

Jean-Luc is a chubby orange tabby rescue. When he's not napping, eating, or asking for belly rubs, he assists as social media manager (mostly by walking on the keyboard). 
Say hello: jean-luc.meow@napoleonnic.com

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