Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy Friday!


The weekend is finally here! From Tuesday on, this week started to feel like the last five minutes of spinning class. This Sunday I'm headed to a short film festival in France for work and will be there for most of the week. It has been an incredibly stressful week but I think a change of scenery will be just what the doctor ordered. There will be posts during the week, but just in case, you can catch me on Instagram

Speaking of posts, there were two missing days this week. The articles I had scheduled to publish were both quite political, one on ways to stay informed and support our press and another about my own immigration story. I was inspired by the hashtag gathering traction on Twitter and thought I'd share mine. However, I was a bit discouraged when it came time to hit publish. I will think about it a bit more and perhaps it will be up next week. I'd also like to add a personal note in regards to politics, I know we are all trying to get a break and as much as I try to stop myself, I'm afraid this is deeply embedded in the fabric of my life. I wanted this blog to not only be a reflection of me but to also inspire a certain "well roundness" of being, so inevitably being an aware citizen will be part of it. I hope it will not discourage you from visiting and reading. 

For now, I wish you a lovely weekend! Here are a few links to disconnect:

If you're not watching the Super Bowl - A Netflix series to catch up on.

And if you are, here are a few snacks ideas:

(And a letter from the founders of Food52)

Rosé gummies, because Dry January is finally over
If neither of these is in your area, different music labels along with Bandcamp will be donating the proceeds from their music downloads directly to the ACLU. My friend's label, The Native Sound will be participating, check out their music here.


Photo via Beyoncé