Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Year, New You: Cook 90


Is it January 24th already? Yes it is. In France, you're allowed to wish people a Happy New Year until the last day of January, so because I live in Paris, I'm taking advantage of that rule to excuse my lateness in talking about resolutions. 

Also, I heard a lot of people say that they don't party on December 31st because there's "a lot of pressure to have a good time" mostly put upon us by When Harry Met Sally, or something. While I don't buy that at all, I do think that this logic can be applied to resolutions, as January carries a lot of the "New Year, New You" pressure to be your best self, which is why you can't find parking at the gym and all the kale seems to disappear from your local market. With this said, I'm a huge fan of the extra energy January gives you (which unfortunately dwindles a few months later), so why not stop being so hard on ourselves and pace our resolutions throughout the year, yes or yes?

The first time I heard about the #Cook90 challenge created by Epicurious editor David Tamarkin was during his visit on Food52's podcast Burnt Toast last year. David came up with the idea to reacquaint himself with the kitchen after noticing that his card bill was a long list of Condé Nast cafeteria purchases. I can't blame him, every day at 4:30pm when I look up from my computer and realize I've only eaten breakfast and I'm starving, I desperately wish someone would magically place a chicken avocado salad in front of me. At the same time, there is nothing better than cranking up some Coltrane and making dinner after a long day of crazy emails. 

While #Cook90 is not about losing weight or cutting things out, it's an idea that could be paired with those goals as well. Cooking your own meals gives you incredible control over so many different areas: what you're eating, how it's prepared, the freshness of the ingredients, portion/calorie control, and even financial control because you can work with a set budget for groceries (hello, multitasking heaven!).

Now, there are some guidelines to help reinforce what Cook 90 is trying to encourage in cooks, from an openness to new cuisines and styles, to the limit of how many leftovers you can use (this is not mechanic meal planning where you eat the same meal for a week), all while counting those meals that you cook with other people-- why not invite a friend over to try a new recipe, you get company and a sous-chef! I mean... 

If you need some recipe inspirations, browse through #Cook90 on social media or hit up David via Twitter @DavidTamarkin

As always, Tuesdays are for food-related articles so hopefully you'll find some inspiration there.

To the kitchen!

{Header image via Epicurious}