Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nanny Raquel's Cheesy Pasta



For the last couple of years, I have used my "I'm a gender researcher... I need to watch this!" to excuse all my guilty television pleasures. However, I fully own up to my recent Bachelor addiction, and it truly is a gold mine when it comes to understanding the way women and men (in a binary sense of these two roles/genders) behave around each other and how they understand relationships. 

I also absolutely love the cult and culture around it. Everyone knows that Monday nights are for kicking back, having wine and popcorn, and watching Nick Viall (17th time the charm, Nick!) hopefully find a fiancé/Instagram girlfriend this time around. Having previously watched this dude throw a Neil Lane diamond ring on the floor of a limo in exasperation, I'm rooting for him. The dating app game is getting pretty gnarly and regular Joes can't fly their dates to exotic locations (or Milwaukee? was it Wisconsin?), so here's hoping Nick doesn't cost any more money to the Bachelor franchise. Nonetheless, this show is hilarious.

Case and point: Corinne Olympios. She's the girl who runs a multi-million dollar company and can't slice her own cucumbers so naturally, she has a nanny do it for her. Not a personal assistant, N.A.N.N.Y (am I convincing you to watch this show yet?). I must admit, I have a soft spot for Corinne, she's a Miami girl like me and despite being the "villain" of this season and upsetting every other girl in the house, her quick one-liners always make the episode for me. Xoxo, Gossip Girl. 

A couple episodes ago (post bouncy-housegate), she expressed through a pouty homesick speech how much she missed Nanny Raquel: her veggies, her cheese pasta, her bed-making skills (writing this makes me wish I had a nanny, to be honest). As expected, the internet wondered what exactly was in this cheese pasta? And if you're doing #Cook90  and have no idea what to make, this pasta is as ridiculously easy as falling asleep during a rose ceremony:

- Boil pasta according to instructions in salted water
- Strain out the water and add the pasta back to the pot
- Add shredded cheese and mix on low heat until it melts

If your palate is a little more advanced than Corinne's, I suggest upgrading this recipe and using soft goat cheese and caramelized onions (season with salt & pepper), or maybe even adding some fried eggs.

Do you watch the Bachelor? If so, do you agree that both Danielle's should be booted off already?