Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Five Things


There are so many different opinions and studies about how to get the most out of your resolutions (tell people, not tell people, write them down, don't write them down), that it can leave you feeling like a Republican senator reading a report on the reality of climate change: confused and incredulous. One of these rules is to focus on positive goals, instead of negative ones, such as using the words no or don't

However, here are the top five things I definitely need to stop doing in 2017:

1. Losing my shit. Now this relates to a couple of things, both losing my stuff in the inside of bags (classic lady problem says a dude on the Facebook comments), and feeling like my life is spiralling out of control when things don't work out. One of the perks of perfectionism is that overwhelming feeling that you're a total failure because you didn't finish you to-do list or because your tarte tatin ended up on the floor, or a myriad of other problems that do not reflect your abilities at all. I'm definitely willing to give myself a little bit of a break this year. 

2. Reading texts and forgetting to respond. I hereby apologize to all my dear friends, I am THE WORST when it comes to this, I'm working on it, I promise.

3. Mental multitasking. Apparently mindfulness is the new multitasking, you're able to focus better on tasks and complete them more efficiently. As someone who cannot watch TV without doing something else on the side (it feels like wasted time), I not only struggle with being in the moment but I also feel like a thousand thoughts are racing through my head all the time. When I'm particularly stressed about a deadline or something going on, I can barely listen to people when they talk to me. 

4. Being afraid of the weight room at the gym. While French gyms are not as intimidating as American (particularly Miami) gyms, I am deathly afraid of getting out of the cardio area and often end up weight training at home with my own weights. With the hefty membership I pay, it seems like a waste of time and money to do this (aka: the gym equivalent of not telling the hairdresser you're not happy). 

5. Procrastinating. Oh yes, procrastination. I think the root of my procrastination is fear, like that time I put off calling my French financial advisor for a month because that seemed like a terrifying task. It ended up being fine (as it usually is) and I could've saved myself a month of having that item side-eyeing me every time I looked at my to do list. It's best to just get rid of a stressful thing like a wax strip right away and use the extra time to catch up on reality TV (ahem, have I mentioned my new found love for the Bachelor? maybe later). 

I'd love to hear other things we should all stop doing this year.