Friday, December 30, 2016

Two Thousand Sixteen

Stories | by Diana Galban


Here we are. We made it. Pat yourself on the back. 

In my young lifetime, I don't think I can recall a year as unanimously loathed as 2016 was. In our lives, we certainly face several challenges and heartbreaks every year; and as a nation, there are many moments that have collectively broken our hearts. But this year has been back to back to back challenges, so I think everyone is glad we are almost at the end of this dark, scary tunnel (we are just getting started when it comes to challenges though, I don't think 2017 will be a smooth ride). 

In regards to my on and off relationship with this blog, this year was its most active. I'd like to take this moment to thank everyone who constantly tells me not to stop writing and who shares articles and gives me ideas. With this said, I'd love to revisit some of my favorite posts of the year and hope you'll check them out. 

For a look back at #Napoleonnic 2016 edition, click below.
Happy New Year! xx

In the kitchen - I tried lots of new recipes this year, but I did throw a lot less dinner parties (possible resolution?) Spring vegetables with lemon tarragon butter, quick & healthy veggie bowls, a Greek-inspired summer panzanella, and Hillary Clinton's oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies for those with a sweet tooth. 

We also shared some of our favorite things - Like podcasts, a great productivity method, and a way to try and find a little peace on hectic days

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