Monday, November 7, 2016

A Friendly Announcement

Every day I ignore the "write post" note on my agenda, I realize that running a blog is incredibly hard, and I understand why there are 4-5 people teams that run the blogs I love and read almost daily. 

When you do everything yourself it can feel incredibly overwhelming, the constant demand of social media, seeking inspiration for content, the fear of getting nasty comments, or sitting cross-eyed in front of confusing html because I don't like the way this or that looks. You have to be incredibly confident in what you're sharing with others, come up with topics that both please you and other people and then convince yourself that someone out there will care. It's mostly this last part that trips me up and discourages me from crossing off that item on my list. However, I've kept this site alive (albeit somewhat abandoned at times) because it is probably one of the few things I truly do for love and not obligation or responsibility (unlike talking to my financial advisor). 

So I think I need a bit of kick in the behind... which is why it will now be updated daily! 
Monday through Friday, baby!
Featured stories up top will be changed every month and you can read more about my mission and my little helpers here ;) You can follow me or the blog on social media through these buttons to stay updated:

If there is something you'd like to share or commenting is the way to do so. And if you find something interesting, dont't be shy and share it with a friend :)

Hope you'll visit soon.