Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Five Things

Musings | by Diana Galban


Who wants to go back to high school? 

No one. That's who. 

However, I did have a particularly exceptional teacher who I think about all the time. Sometimes, when my fridge is empty and I realize I'm the one that has to do all the grocery shopping after work, I do miss the simpler times when I just did homework after school. 

I recently drove by my old high school on the way to meet my sister for lunch and I started thinking about the music I listened to non-stop during those four years. At the time, I was writing for the school paper and wanted to write about music for Rolling Stone or Spin. Music can trigger the memory in incredible ways. 

Making this list, I was immediately transported back to so many incredible times, both during high school and while I freelanced a couple of years after. Anyway, these are five of my favorite albums, I'd love to hear yours.

1. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel

2. Everything In Transit - Jack's Mannequin (Fun fact: I met Andrew McMahon once and he held my hand and walked with me, it was magical)

4. You Forgot It In People - Broken Social Scene

5. Juturna - Circa Survive (Fun fact #2 Colin Frangicetto has a photo of my wrists on his phone - I would like to take this opportunity to tell younger me that chipped nail polish is never an option)

Special mention to Brand New. 

BTW: I wrote a piece in 2009 about Lady Gaga before she wore a meat dress. Also Animal Collective and As Tall As Lions.

{Photo via Craig Blankenhorn/HBO}