Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Five Things

Musings | by Diana Galban

Out of all the little things I've been doing this summer back home, laughing until everything hurts has been pretty high on the list. There is an overall lightness I feel being back here and not catching my scowling reflection on the metro doors is definitely uplifting. A quick search through my channels and I can find a handful of late night shows with their own original funny bits, comedy series are everywhere from TV to Netflix to Hulu, and everyone seems to be getting a shot at their best Donald Trump impersonations (while we still can, anyway). These are a few random things making me laugh lately.

1. Types of guys I'd like to date. Unfortunately, I haven't met a single one on either side of the Atlantic. 

2. Random Acts of Kindness at the RNC because I think everyone there needed to feel a little love. 

4. Texting etiquette explained by Leslie Jones. Leslie's coverage of the Olympics on her social media accounts was so funny that they sent her to Rio to cover them in person. I could probably watch her interventions on Weekend Update on repeat and laugh just as much.

5. If you ever wondered about the struggles of animals, HBO has a hilarious answer for you. Animals premiered earlier this year and I just started watching it. 

BTW, have you seen Kate's impression of Ruth Bader Ginsburg? or her sexy slow burn? 

{ Photo via Comedy Central }