Monday, August 8, 2016

Brighten Up Your Monday

Mondays | by Diana Galban

For the seven years I was learning French, I obsessively consumed French media in every form: podcasts, radio, television shows I watched online, and the news via a couple of streams open to the USA on certain websites (like France 2). I have this obsession to thank for my French accent and knowledge of the language in general. By the time I moved to Paris, something clicked where I haven't watch a single French program in the past year, aside from a short interview one of my professors did on the radio. Instead, I now long for the mornings where I could eat breakfast standing up in front of Morning Joe on my living room tv. 

Because I grew up in a Cuban (aka loud) Miami household, I sometimes miss the voices and the noise in the background that doesn't come from dudes yelling at their girlfriends on their cellphone under my balcony. Enter, podcasts. 

Podcasts saved my life during my sometimes two-hour commute to work, and they keep me updated with everything going on back home as well as help inspire every day of my week. I listen to them religiously, and having to just picking six for this article was a challenge. 

Oh boy by Man Repeller This podcast is one of my favorites to listen to on Monday mornings as I'm getting ready to start my day. I love Man Repeller and the quirky, amazing, intelligent, ball of energy that is Leandra Medine and the rest of the MR girls. This podcast features talented and fearless women from the arts, technology, and culture, and it's a great boost of inspiration for the rest of your week. 
Listen to: Garance Doré, Leandra Medine herself, Hari Nef, and Amelia Diamond.

Strong Opinions Loosely Held by Refinery 29 This podcast of 10-15 minutes is the perfect background to my short walk to the grocery store or the bank (Monday errands... /sigh). Elisa Kreisinger talks to journalists and culture makers about the issues in our modern culture, from Instagram to pick up artists, and indirectly fuels my feminist monologues at dinner parties. 
Listen to: Instagram Insecurities & Picking Up A Pick Up Artist

Here's The Thing With Alec Baldwin I've always loved Alec Baldwin, I still watch random episodes of 30 Rock just to get my Jack Donaghy x Liz Lemon fix (and because Tina Fey is a genius). So I was thrilled when I started listening to this podcast, and hearing that Miles Davis intro always makes me smile. Baldwin meets with actors, journalists, writers, and goes deeper into their stories throwing a few anecdotes here and there (because I mean, he's Alec Baldwin). 
Listen to: Ellie Kemper, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anthony Weiner.

This American Life by Ira Glass Do I even need to introduce this podcast? TAL is a classic. I first started listening to it just to catch David Sedaris read a few funny stories, and then I was hooked. If you've never listened to it, it is a collection of stories focused around a theme, usually in four or five acts. It can be a little sad, very inspiring, hilarious, and incredibly informative. Every time I listen to an episode, I think about it for days. 
Listen to: 589: Tell Me I'm Fat

Bon Appétit Foodcast by BA I listen to this podcast on Thursday morning, right after it is available for me in Paris (new episodes every Wednesday). Everyone knows I am a huge fan of this publication and 95% of my cooking inspiration comes from this podcast. I love cooking and people that are passionate about finding food, cooking it, and sharing it with their friends. Hosted by BA's Editor in Chief Adam Rapoport, it has a totally friendly and open vibe, even when some of the world's most renowned chefs are featured. 
Listen to: Eric Ripert, Action Bronson, Amanda Hesser

The New Yorker Radio Hour by The New Yorker As a loyal reader of the New Yorker for as long as I can remember, this podcast is so delightful. Modern superman David Remnick chats with journalists and artists about current events and projects, sometimes letting us peek into the magazine's behind-the-scenes with conversations about the New Yorker's cartoons selection process or stories from the team. It is like being at the perfect cocktail party, with the best drinks where no one corners you to talk to you about something annoying (I'm looking at you, mansplainers at Parisian parties). It is released on Fridays but I usually catch it late and listen in while I cook dinner on a late weeknight. 
Listen to: Donald Trump's Ghostwriter & Samantha Bee's Fury