Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Importance of Being Registered...

When I became an American citizen, I wasn't the best sport when it came to the singing and the clapping and the other activities that take place in the ceremony (all that public display of emotion is not my jam). However, when I got to vote in 2012, that was the truly rewarding experience for me and it made everything before it worth it. Granted, I had my opinions about how power is truly divided in our government and how sometimes our ideas of what's best for our societies are so different. For example, the folks at E! and Ryan Seacrest seem to think that what our society needed was a family to exemplify everything that is wrong with human existence, so you can see how the opinion gap widens.

I don't need to tell you how important this election will be for our country and just how dangerously close to a truly devastating situation we are. So before you do anything else this year, please check the deadlines for voter registration in your state. And if you're abroad like me, also check how you can request an absentee ballot.

Congress elections will also take place this year, so research which members in congress are running, which members are part of your political party or defend your views (ahem, on whether it's normal for elementary school children to be murdered by guns in the hands of the wrong people, for example, or that time when Republicans protected terrorists’ right to bear arms).

And if I can speak particularly to my fellow Floridians: Florida is a swing state, so your vote is especially important! Vote vote vote!

In the video above, President Obama hilariously demonstrates a few things harder than registering to vote. I should also tell you that there are a couple of GoT spoilers, so beware, or hold the door, I can't remember which is the appropriate warning.