Sunday, April 3, 2016

Quick & Healthy

Recently I've discovered something that has changed the way I eat and prepare my meals (and that I had been unconsciously doing for a while).

I watched an interview with Mindy Kaling where she said that it actually takes a lot of work to look like a normal, chubby woman, and she's totally right because I workout regularly and my fridge is stocked with leafy greens and veggies. For full disclosure, it took me months to not feel terrible whenever I saw a girl pass by me with what I call "equal leg to thigh ratio syndrome" which I've come to realize I will never suffer from nor do I really want to.

I tend to always choose colorful salads and other foods over stews or whatever it is that you eat in the colder months. For one, the concept of "colder months" and winter food means nothing to me, and on the other hand, I try to stick to the meals I would have in Miami, for consistency purposes. At the end of the day, for health reasons or not, a colorful plate of food can cheer up even the grayest Paris days.

Because I never have time and I thrive in situations where I feel in control, I've been meal-prepping for a while. My weekends are for catching up on what I couldn't finish during the week, not for relaxing, and cooking on a Sunday afternoon is probably the only time I get that is somewhat relaxing. I usually make four different healthy meals, put them in labeled containers and mix and match during the week; it saves me time and helps me control what I eat at the same time. 

Then, I watched a video on constructing a macrobiotic bowl.

A macro bowl includes all your macro nutrients: fats, proteins, and carbs (the good kind). They are broken down into 40-50% vegetables (leaves, root veggies, onions), 20-30% whole grain (quinoa, brown rice), 5-10% beans/protein (lentils, garbanzo beans, black, white, you name it), and top it off with fermented garnishes or anything with probiotics.

Now, if you think this is some trend in the Pinterest universe, you'd be totally right, but for someone who times her showers this concept has been a bit of blessing since I don't even have to cook most of the ingredients and I can assemble meals in five minutes. For the cooked portions, I roasted sweet potatoes with herbs, steamed broccoli, baked tofu (marinated in soy sauce, asian spices, and sesame), pickled red cabbage, steamed some brown rice, and made a couple of different dressings (orange balsamic dressing, and garlic cilantro yogurt dressing).

{ Lunch in more of a tossed salad form }
For the uncooked ingredients, my grocery list included:

- Black beans,
- Garbanzo beans
- Tuna
- Raw red cabbage
- Spinach
- Avocados
- Zucchini
- Red peppers
- Cauliflower
- Pomegranate seeds
- Carrots
* The search for a decent bag of kale in Paris still continues...

Pour info, I rotate between mixed berries and yogurt, oatmeal, veggie omelettes, rye toast with raw peanut butter and strawberries on top, and rice cakes with avocado and lemon for breakfast, depending on time. I also have one cheat meal a week (if you have ever invited me to dinner and I answered with "I can't, I already had my cheat meal," you know the struggle), and if I'm craving something in particular, I write it on a chalkboard which helps me forget about it. 

{The light is particularly terrible for pictures today, so I've had to do a bit of borrowing on the banner photos. Their correct owners here, here, and here}