Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Who Do You Follow?

If I had a few cents for every time I ran across an article telling people how to behave on social media or How To Gain More Followers On Instagram, I'd run down to my bakery and get a croissant.

To me, the most annoying account on Instagram or elsewhere would be one comprised entirely of selfies, or pictures of yourself working out, or that one famous girl with the butt and the permanently-glued-to-her-body yoga pants; yet these accounts have millions of followers, so who are these people to tell you that you can't photograph the salad you're having for lunch? You do you. 

Now I am by no means a cool Instagram person, clearly, I do what I want. Imagine my surprise when I came across an article written by some very obviously perfect blonde girl sharing tips on how to share your perfect life so that it all looks oh-so-perfect for perfect strangers and she uttered these devastating words: if you don't have thousands of likes on your photos, face it, they're not that great. I think the saddest possible attitude to have in life and on-line is to place your self worth in the hands of others, or in this case, in the likes of others. With this said, here are 10 accounts that I love and brighten up my timeline instantly...


This is truly one of the most hilarious accounts I follow. I love "overheard" anything, because the funniest things come out of the mouths of people who don't think you're listening...


Nacho is the sassy feline companion of chef Bobby Flay. Now, I think the only thing I may love more than Bobby Flay are orange-haired cats (much like my very own). 


If I were a dude, I'd want to be Alex Delany. Mostly because he works for Bon Appétit... and drinks amazing beer, and looks cool generally speaking. On a serious note, you should know that I judge French boys drinking their Leffe on the terrace of bars, my nose high up in the air about light blonde beers. If you're stuck in Paris missing Florida IPAs and BBQ, this is the account for you. 


I adore Rosianna for many reasons. Her youtube channel is full of gems and I think she's inspiring, talented, and gorgeous (the vegan inspiration doesn't hurt either). 


Culturez-vous is this really amazing French blog about all things culture. The content of their blog is really great but their Instagram is full of beautiful photos of French architecture (that opera house...), book passages, castles, landscapes, and all around beauty. In the words of André Leon Talley "My eyes are starving for beauty honey, there is a famine of beauty!!!" 


I'm definitely guilty of photographing my chubby feet all over the city but this account is everything. Look at those colors! 

There are many other accounts of Parisian floors, or other similar themes, but this one is my favorite.


Now I think if you want to follow butts, you should follow levenbutt. Sure, the other butts are in the gym and in tight pants, but this one travels the country! hello, wanderlust. 


I am always interested in book recommendations and I really love this account. In the way I adore listening to people talk about things they like or explaining movies to me (my friends got a taste of my emphatic explanation of Richard Linklater's Before trilogy this past weekend), there is nothing better than people telling you about a book they love. 


Alexander Robbie is a contemporary artist based in Basel, Switzerland. Our first conversation ever was about an article on the Economist, about five years later, here we are. His account really is filled with gorgeous pictures, artwork, and sometimes his adorable little girl makes an appearance. 


I have a notebook filled with restaurants to try out in Paris that I have seen featured on Le Fooding. Whether you're looking for somewhere to eat or perhaps you just started a no-carb diet that has you craving cacio e pepe pasta all day, this is the account for you. 

For giggles, you can see my photos here.

{Banner photos credited to: culturezvous, ihavethisthingwithfloors, and lefooding respectively}