Sunday, February 14, 2016

Stories From Around The Web

This week has felt like an entire month. My work week usually never ends, but leaving the city last Saturday for a work trip that lasted well into the week has truly made it endless (including the fact that I missed my train back and was homeless for a few minutes). However, I've never felt more inspired, energized, and motivated. My brain is just buzzing and I'm still high off the energy and creativity of everyone I met. Because I have Chronic Dissatisfaction Syndrome (it's self-diagnosed), I often work through every great thing that happens to me and I quickly move onto the next task, like I have blinders on, and I end up missing that moment where you tell yourself I cannot believe this is happening that is just so uplifting. I've had many of those moments this week and I am eternally grateful. 

I've been working on a couple ideas, including a podcast project with one of my closest friends (with lots of laughs, fast talking, and accents-- mostly mine), and a few how-to collaborations with friends (Ps: if you have an interesting hobby or something to teach me, I want to hear about it!). But for now, some fun links I found this week:

1. Today is Valentine's Day, I will be happily spending it brunching at one of my best friend's house in a couple of hours (there was some joking about watching When Harry Met Sally, but I really hope she wasn't kidding). Whatever you're doing, there's something for every hopeless romantic.

2. There is no right time for marriage -- stop telling women to get married. 

4. Are you still confused by the Iowa Caucus? American politics in general? this is for you. However, I'm afraid I do not have an explanation for why we deep-fry Snickers bars. 

5. While I enjoy Instagram humor, knowing that people develop real-life jobs out of it makes me want to hug my diplomas and cry. 

7. An ode to the young artists in the city - I've Never Not Been From Miami

8. The 100 jokes that shaped modern comedy (Seinfeld, Seinfeld, Seinfeld!).