Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Monday & Some Fun Links

Oh hi there! It's February 29th, which means that today might be a very special birthday to some people*, since you can actually celebrate it on the real day. Although, when you're a leap baby you can choose the day you want to celebrate on, and if you ask me (and Frank Underwood) power is the greatest gift of all.

For the rest of us, think of it as an extra day to get stuff done, because we all need an extra day. Also, if you have your cheat meal for the week today, does it count? The important questions... 

Some things I hope to be discussing this week (or next, who knows) are: work, having a serious case of FOMO, secrets, celebrating you, journaling, jazz, and the little things that take you home. In the meantime, here are nine fun links to scroll through on your coffee break today...

1. Baby's first words will be 'Dada' - Just kidding, but something like that. 

2. The only thing I know about the White House china is that it is an evil tool to make First Ladies hate their lives when in reality, they are brilliant, power-hungry lawyers that will filibuster the crap out of any bill to protect Planned Parenthood. Ok, fine, I got that from Scandal, but here is the real story

3. Are pigeons assholes? David Sedaris wonders. 

4. After wheatgrass shots, would you eat the peel of your banana?

5. I do the Brita pitcher dance several times a day...

6. I like to think I've got the Paris metro system down, sure, I don't take the most complicated lines and I never know what time it closes. The world's 15 most complex subway systems. Spoiler alert: We're #2.

7. FIU, my alma mater is living an architectural dream lately. When I visited during the holidays, I was marveled by the new, modern buildings that keep popping up. I miss it and remember it fondly everyday, especially on those days where I scowl at the French youths that talk in café-level voices next to me at the library (FIU's Green Library has 8 floors, categorized by noise level, the higher you go, the quieter it gets). I try not to think about the parking issue though, why ruin a fond memory? :)

8. One day, I'll have a food processor again, but everyone should make this. 

9. And oh yeah, this happened! 

*As my gift to you, here is a Drake-themed cake