Monday, January 11, 2016

A Lovely New Year

{ New Year habit: getting a fresh planner }

Happy New Year!!!

I never know when the appropriate time to stop wishing people a happy new year is, but better late than never is my motto in life...

In all seriousness, I had some HTML problems when I started making some New Year changes around here and later decided I would rather spend that time with my family during the holiday. With a homepage that looked like something Picasso had painted, it was hard to update. But here we are!

The end of 2015 was certainly a hectic one, much running around Paris finding a gift for my mom (she's difficult to gift... too fancy and she wants something simple, too simple and she wants something fancy), crying, and overall stressing over finals and other things. The holidays in Miami are always a funny period, mostly because of the lack of winter cheer all around. With the heat, the blazing sun, and the flourishing palm trees it makes it difficult to sit around the fire and sing carols you know what I mean? At least this is what Christmas time is in my head, blame it on Disney, I don't know.

Despite this, I was happy to wear some color, getting morning runs under the sun, and most of all, spending some family time (and later miss the madness that comes with it). There was a lot of barbecuing with my dad (who's convinced I need a lot more animal-protein in my life), gossiping with my mom, cuddling with all the pets (sometimes simultaneously), and shopping, driving, and singing Adele at the top of my lungs with my sister. It's comical how much our brains and bodies get used to places and how quickly we can forget. Coming back, I had totally forgotten how it felt to wander around gigantic supermarkets and how big my house truly is (in addition to the fact that many areas were gorgeously remodeled).

Despite much political turmoil this year and many sad incidents in our society (it's inevitable), on a personal, level this was probably the most exciting and challenging year for me. I really love new years and roll my eyes at any New Year Haters I encounter. I highly encourage and appreciate getting a "reset" feel in our lives. While "New Year, New Me" is not entirely true, I love the fact that you feel like you can get a fresh start and set new priorities and challenges for yourself.

Don't listen to people-- you do you.

PS: My planner is from Sugar Paper, I get one every year (this year, my sister and I have matching ones).

Also, if you're dealing with some post vacation blues (and homesickness from leaving your family), some great tips on how to deal.