Monday, December 7, 2015

The Upstairs Neighbor

{ When life gives you weird carpet, be bohemian } 
Living on the ground floor of my apartment building was full of perks: watching my neighbors' night conquests begin their walk of shame home crossing through the garden and in front of my window, hearing every single person that opened the front door or threw out the garbage or the conversations of strangers passing by the window that viewed the street, along with every single car that passed by, weak wi-fi signal, and of course, front seat viewing listening experience to the life of my upstairs neighbor. Because the water pipes trickle down the walls, I was able to hear every time she flushed, washed her dishes, and showered, usually past midnight and thus waking me up at 2am on most days. 

I had saved this video for a later post about the loud stomping, inconsiderate, noisy upstairs neighbor. But then she moved out and her apartment was offered to me by our land lady "check it out and change if you want" she said, so I did. 

Whatever my neighbor insisted on doing past midnight every day that required lots of loud stepping, cabinet openings, dropping and rearranging things, was not cleaning, like I had previously thought: maybe she's like, orderly and cannot go to bed without cleaning up, was the theory my brain had cooked up to cope. 

The filth of the place turned me off right away, "NO WAY I'M MOVING UP HERE" I texted my sister, yes, in caps. The porcelain sink in the bathroom and shower were stained yellow, the windows had thick layer of water spots and dust combined, the kitchen walls covered in dust, there were little pots with single carnations peeking out everywhere, which freaked me out, just get a bouquet of them!!! and who moves out leaving living things inside? would you leave a cat in there? #respecttheplants #COP21

Days following the visit, I couldn't stop picturing all my things inside the apartment but there's so much light! and that stairrrrcasee!!! my brain cried out. I decided to give it another shot, I came upstairs armed with my cleaning products, if I couldn't get the stains out, I wouldn't take it. (I would like to take this moment to thank my mother, for making me like this, it's a double-edged sword). After three separate scrubbing sessions and a couple of google searches later, they were gone. Against better judgement of attempting a move on the week of my finals, I was packing up my stuff and discovering more surprises left by the previous owner: dirty dishes, a heater covered in so many layers of dust that every time I turn it on sparks fly everywhere, a freezer completely covered in ice. 

"There's nothing that a good clean can't fix" my mom said over the phone. Indeed, it did. 

{ Kitchen still tiny }
{ Displaying your dishes in the living room can be tricky, many minutes were spent rearranging }
{ Lucite shelves saved the bathroom wall + my favorite family photo (my sister is 6 and wearing adorable floaties) }
I'm so happy with this place, I think it was all worth it in the end. I'm excited about getting a bit more privacy, having a rez-de-chaussée apartment curiously meant that my neighbors could just perch themselves up on my balcony when I had the window open and just start up a conversation- even if I was cooking or sitting in front of my computer working. 

Maybe this time I can actually get around to throwing a house warming party.

PS: Do you believe in cleaning out the energy of a space? I totally do.