Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On Tardiness...

It's perfectly appropriate for the discussion that this post is being posted quite late (according to a schedule I had fixed in my mind - must always post at 8am - in order to stop giving my money away to Google for no reason). 

Browsing one of my favorite blogs, Cup of Jo, I saw this post she had done on being chronically late. Chronic tardiness seems to be something that affects a lot of people (cue in PBS telethon music). In her post, Joanna talks about seven reasons that usually make people late: thrill-seeking, bad estimation of how much time you actually have, not wearing a watch, trying to squeeze one more thing in, being easily distracted, over-scheduling, and get this, choosing to be late (you brave, brave people). 

I must say I have a little bit of everything in my tardy repertoire (I was going to say repertardy and then decided that was a no). 

My favorite part of this post was probably the comments... or rather the rage in the comments, particularly:
I have to say I think people who are chronically late are just plain rude. To me what they are saying…over and over…is that no one is more important than they are. I no longer wait because they’ve already shown me what they think of me.
While I'd love to agree with angrycommenter6754, and I'm sure this is a reason for people, I can't particularly agree with it. Once upon a time, instead of having chronic tardiness syndrome I had Psycho-Bitch Syndrome. I arrived everywhere with 20-30 minutes of time to spare, I sat in the same seat in my class and became internally (key word) furious if someone got it (hence why I was waiting half an hour earlier to get to it, I'm surprised I didn't get an ulcer), and if anyone was 15 minutes late to meet me somewhere, I left, like a psycho bitch. I'm sure this is behavior that angrycommenter6754 can identify with. 

"Miami time" is a concept where you arrive as late as humanly possible to everything you need to do. For a birthday dinner, I told my friends that it was at 7pm but you know that it was relaxed Miami time. I was hoping for people to arrive about an hour, hour and a half later. This was a mistake, as some of my friends got there at around 10 after all the peach purée in my bellini had melted and died, along with my soul - of course, it was my fault, I should've never said "Miami time" they are two dangerous words when put together. Clearly, my psycho bitch behavior was not going to make life very pleasant in a city where people have such relaxed views on time. 

Fast forward to present day, I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that I'm always at least 10 minutes late everywhere (what with all my obsessive to-do listing and organization), sometimes 20 (I'm sorry, friend). While I am certainly not thrill-seeking with my time and I certainly never make a conscious decision to be late, I do always have one more thing to cross off my list, one more email to write, one more dish to put away, over-scheduling is my entire life and I get very little sleep, and my watch is always five minutes ahead (this is how I got 15 minutes of tardiness down to 10). However, I cannot account "not caring for other people's time" or "not caring for people" as one of my reasons, I often spend my entire afternoon pretty excited about seeing friends later. When at home waiting to go out, I'm often ready on time, but I get caught up doing something else and alas... 10 minutes late again. With my erratic school schedule, I make sure to leave an entire hour in advance to make it on time, and at work I always opened the office before anyone, but with casual gatherings I can't seem to make it.

BE ON TIME has been one of my New Year's resolutions for about two years, right after "drink lemon water in the morning". I can't seem to do either one of them, but if you're a victim of my little issue, know that I love you and that equality of time would be first on my political agenda (if I had been born in America and could become president... or if Cuba had a democracy).