Thursday, November 19, 2015

On Paris...

{ The motto of Paris, Place de la République }
Following the terrorist attacks in Paris this last Friday, I decided to cancel all the posts I had planned for the week. It seemed ridiculously silly to talk about salads or entertaining, or whatever else actually gives me a lot of pleasure to share under very different circumstances. 

Despite not being anywhere close to the targeted venues that day, nor personally having any friends physically hurt by these attacks, I think we all feel very much in grief and affected in different ways. I have also decided not to talk about my reaction on here, but the lovely people at Outloud Magazine have asked me to write an article

Instead, I'd like to share photos of hommages to the victims from around Paris and a few links from around the web.

{ Photos taken at Place de la République and Trocadéro for the Eiffel Tower }
  • In a much needed moment of humor, Konbini compiled a list of the most ridiculous things we saw around the web (FR).
  • Joann Sfar, the author of The Rabbi's Cat (favorite) published this photo on his instagram. Unfortunately, the message was not very well understood by anglo-saxon followers, causing a bit of a debate (EN).
  • The Internet caricatures and pokes fun at the man who hosted the Jihadists in his apartment (FR).
  • The November cover of Charlie Hebdo (FR).
  • My friend shares her story. She has not only been one of my crucial support systems in these past few days, but is also a beacon of hope for all #Parisproblems (EN).