Friday, October 30, 2015

This Week: Baby's First Fall

{Couldn't resist these gorgeous clementines at the market}
If you thought you'd find adorable photos of a little chubby baby rolling around in dry leaves (is this even safe for babies? are babies into this?), I'm sorry to disappoint, for the baby is me. I've never experienced fall in its crispy leaves, trench coat chic, chestnuts or something, splendor. I've also never seen snow and I didn't read Harry Potter growing up. When I tell people this, they're usually horrified, mostly about Harry Potter. 

Taking a stroll around my neighborhood the other day, I was delighted to run into some reminders that it's fall, along with other things that brightened up this week. 

{Menus for a weekday brunch with a very special guest & pumpkins on the street}

{Jazz vinyls in my new favorite bookstore}

{DIY project I've been obsessing with for a while, final product here}


Happy weekend!