Thursday, October 22, 2015

Moving to Paris (and Leaving Your Cat)

{View during an August afternoon run}

I can't think of a better reason to come back to my poor, lonely, abandoned blog than to talk about moving to Paris (the inspiration for this whole thing).

A lot of people have asked me if I planned to write about Paris, my impressions, etc and the truth is no, I didn't care much for it. The story of the American in Paris has been visited and revisited ad nauseam, our people have played all the angles to this story:

- The one where there's a girl that met a boy and left everything to move with him and he turned out to be not-so-great and now she's alone in Paris with no friends and no job, but she got a book deal!
- The one where they don't speak a word of french and think everyone is soooo rude
- The one where it's unfathomable that the supermarket doesn't carry your favorite brand of cereal, how dare they?

Mine would be the story of the girl that tried- again and again- and finally, one day, got on a really terrible XL Airways flight where she was not given a single cup of water in nine hours... and made it to the other side. Two months later, there is already so much I have learned. There are the things you learn about Paris like how not to get upset when people cut you in line (still working on this one), where to get on the metro so that your exit is right in front of you when the doors open, which bottle of wine you should take to your friend's dinner; and there are many, many things you learn about yourself: this is the most important. 

Turns out that when you take a step back and out of your bubble, everything looks different. 

My chronic sarcasm has failed to paint a proper picture of how I feel about Paris. Sarcasm and I guess very dark humor are my defense strategies against lines and paperwork and confusion and falling down into this rabbit hole (Paris is wonderland in the where is up? where is down? why did this train stop four stops away from my house? kind of way), but there is bad and there is a lot of good, and I hope I can do it all justice in an upcoming mini-series of things that I love about this city.