Friday, March 28, 2014

Tour 13 Paris

In dripping fluorescent orange walls, la Tour 13 Paris is a mecca of street art from more than 80 different artists of 16 different nationalities. It is the biggest collective street art project to be done. 

9 floors, 36 apartments, and 4,500 m² make up the tower, covered completely inside and outside with representations from every artist. The building was open to visitors for 30 days up until November 1st, but because it is also a visual project with open access through the internet, it can be fully visited through the official website or in partnership with CanalStreet with a virtual visit. The website is a bit confusing, but you can also access interviews with the artists and photos. 

The building, originally from the 1960s was set for complete demolition at the end of 2013, but it stayed intact for much longer, partially coming down recently. The project was not only a way to give the building a new life before its destruction, but also to display the very essence of street art, an improbable canvas of undefined presence. 

For more images, you can visit Le Container (main image credit). Also the website of the city of Paris, or on Instagram and Twitter through the hashtag  #tourparis13.