Monday, March 17, 2014

Janol Apin's Metro Ride

"Party Place"

Métropolisson is a project by photographer Janol Apin that shows the Parisian metro on a whimsical and completely different light. In Apin's version of the more than 300 stations that hide under the capital, there is no one playing accordion next to you, the wagon never closes its doors before you get inside, and there is of course no creepy strangers. Instead, he transformed the stops into 120 photographs that play with station names in a fun, ironic way.

"Father" and "The Chair"

In France, after High School you must pass an exam called "le Bac"
can we assume he did?

"Street of the Push-up"

"White House"

"Northern station"

Richard "the black" 

Reference to the Three Musketeers

"Anvers" sounds like "Inverse" meaning backwards

"Field of Mars"
"Good News" I hardly think you usually find good news inside Libé, mais bon